About the cattery

Dear guests of our site!

Our cattery of Siberian cats Vivaldi * UA (Vivaldi) was founded in 2017, registered in the World Felinological Organization WCF. The cattery is in Ukraine, Zaporozhye, is "Uslada" tribal felinological center club member.


All cats of our cattery live in the family on the home maintenance. They are not locked in separate rooms and are not held in cages. All cats communicate freely with children and all members of the family.

Our Siberian kittens are grown in conditions of increased attention. From the very birth, we accustom them to handling, caressing and communicating with a person. Kittens have everything necessary for good growth and upbringing.

Our Siberian cats are full members of the family, they are provided with the care and love of the owners, the highest quality feeds, if necessary - qualified veterinary care. All animals are checked for diseases and infections, being vaccinated, and have the necessary veterinary passports and certificates.

If you like fluffy cats, if you are enchanted by the fabulous beauty of Siberians, if you want to have a faithful friend in your house - welcome to us! Here you will find what you want.

Siberian kittens of traditional and gold colors, with black paws and pink noses, with yellow or green eyes, for exhibitions and breeding or just as a pet - for your choice and the most demanding taste!

The breed qualities of our kittens are confirmed by pedigrees, high titles of parents, and the success of our graduates at exhibitions.

You can see photos of Siberian kittens; see how they grow up traveling on the pages of this site. On the page "Kittens" you can choose your kitten. Or make an application for a kitten of the sex and color you are interested in by writing us a letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Under your application, we will notify you in advance about the birth of your kitten, grow it and bring it up for you.

Also we have a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/sibcatVivaldi/ where you can watch the news of our cattery...

If you live far from Zaporozhye, we will help you arrange the delivery of your kitten.

We wish you a pleasant journey through the pages of our website!